CCTV Installations, Support and Repair

If you require a no obligation CCTV installation quotation for installation or repair that’s local to Swadlincote, Burton, Derby, Ashby, Coalville, Ibstock and Castle Donnington please contact us. We can supply DVR’s and NVRS that can be set up for network view, www. iPad, phone, android access, and installation with 36 months guarantee on hardware we supply excluding accidental or 3rd party damage.We can install your own provided system, upgrade your cameras, or DVR using customer supplied or our own equipment.

CADS recommend a DVR that can record using TVI/AHD Cameras, or for even better quality IP cameras recording up to 10MP HD to enable identification of employees, customers and number plates. A typical 8 camera install will take approx 2 days dependent on cable runs, accessibility. Public Liability Insured to install CCTV systems on premise.

To show the difference in quality the following image is a standard definition CCTV camera.( Factory Workshop)



This image represents a 2Mp TVI/AHD camera, As you can see the number plate becomes more legible, and a much sharper image . TVI Cameras can use the same cabling as the standard CCTV cameras so an upgrade of cameras/recorder can be done cheaper than a new installation and gain an improvement in quality. TVI is now available in 4MP quality, as well as recorders that support both old style coxal cable and the more modern IP cameras. This will allow us to upgrade old cameras without additional cabling, and introduce new cameras on a single recorder.